Veterinary Holistic Care

Veterinary Holistic Care

Our Visiting Specialists

Dr. Haverkos - Network ChiropractorMark P. Haverkos, DVM

Dr. Haverkos is a 1982 graduate of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, and currently owns a practice in his hometown of Oldenburg, Indiana. Dr. Haverkos is widely recognized for his expertise in the fields of alternative and integrative veterinary medicine, with a special interest in acupuncture, chiropractic, and homeopathy. Although he runs a single doctor practice, he often travels to other states to adjust patients and lecture at veterinary conferences.

Shortly after veterinary school, Dr. Haverkos accepted a position as Director and Head Clinician of Hopi Veterinary Services on the Hopi Indian Reservation in Arizona. During his time there, Dr. Haverkos had the opportunity to develop and refine some revolutionary alternative therapies for the treatment of large and small animals.

The Veterinary Holistic Care staff extends a warm welcome to Dr. Haverkos during his frequent visits to Maryland. We are pleased to be able to offer his services to our clients. Dr. Haverkos is no stranger to the veterinary staff here at VHC: he and Dr. Monique Maniet were both founding members of the American Holistic Veterinary Association in 1984.

HOUNDSTOOTH Veterinary Dental Service: Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleanings for Cats and Dogs

Kathy is a Certified Dental Hygienist well known for her specialty dental cleanings without anesthesia. She often travels from her home state of California to other states to provide cleanings at other veterinary clinics. She visits Veterinary Holistic Care approximately every three months.  Although such dental exams and cleanings can never be as thorough as an anesthetic dental, the dental care education and basic cleaning done by Houndstooth can be a valuable part of a comprehensive dental plan. The Houndstooth service provides:

Advanced stages of periodontal disease require the use of anesthesia for treatment. Kathy uses gentle coaxing and patience to put even feisty pets at ease. The teeth are carefully cleaned and polished while your pet remains comfortable and alert.  If advanced disease is noted or even suspected, Kathy will discuss recommendations for further care.

When its time for your pet's anesthetic dental, VHC uses special electroacupuncture techniques to lower the drug doses, reduce pain, and speed recovery safely.

Derek Campana: Orthotics and Prosthetics

Prosthetics is the science of making a device used to replace a missing part of the body. Prostheses are being used for animals with limb deformities as well as animals requiring limb amputation due to trauma or bone cancer. Use of a prosthesis can return an animal to nearly normal function.

Derek Campana is an experienced orthotist and prosthetist who has been working with animals for several years. His prosthetics are custom-made for each animal. Derek will come to the clinic to create a cast with the patient, he then makes the prosthesis and comes back later to fit the patient at a follow-up appointment. His prosthetics are virtually unbreakable and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Orthoses and prostheses, made out of various materials including neoprene and plastic, are used for animals with limb deformities, carpal hyperextension, ligament injuries, and nerve damage (radial nerve paralysis, sciatic nerve damage, brachial plexus injuries)..

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